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The 1940’s was an era of patriotism and practicality, during which women both filled the workplaces previously dominated by men and continued the fashionably feminine trends of the 1930’s.  Some Brides and Grooms want to incorporate the Big Band 1940’s into their Weddings, and the Lord Thompson Manor has a few recommendations on how to do so.

The fashion of the 1940’s was both practical and elegant, and is certainly still welcome in Wedding Parties today.  Wedding Gowns of the time frequently featured basque waists, sweetheart necklines and large shoulders achieved with either shoulder pads or puffy sleeves.  A Bride who wants her Bridesmaids to reflect 1940’s fashions could have them in knee-length dresses (perfect for doing the jitterbug) and flowers in their hair.  As for the Groom and his Groomsmen, nothing says 1940’s fashion like wide-brimmed fedoras and patterned, colorful ties.

A Bride and her Bridesmaids can also shine with 1940’s glamour through their hairstyles, manicures and makeup.  Shoulder-length and longer hair was popular then, with graceful side parts, pompadours or, later, Victory Roll hairstyles.  Women frequently matched the color of their lipstick to their nail polish, often using vibrant dark reds.

Brides and Grooms who love the 1940’s can look for inspiration from such actors as Judy Garland, Errol Flynn and John Wayne.  As far as music goes, artists like Billie Holiday Frank Sinatra were wildly popular.  American culture was also strongly affected by Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms series, the fashions of Christian Dior and the baseball games (and wartime service) of Joe Dimaggio and Ted Williams.

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